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Carbon Calculator

Want to know how much carbon dioxide your vehicle fleet generates each year?

Our Carbon Calculator gives you an estimate of the total CO2 for your company vehicles. Simply enter the number of cars that you have in each category and estimate the annual mileage for each vehicle in your fleet.

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Banding (these bands are set be DEFRA)Cars in fleetEst. annual mileage
Petrol small (up to 1400cc)
Petrol medium (1401 to 2000cc)
Petrol large (over 2000cc)
Diesel small (up to 1700cc)
Diesel medium (1701 to 2000cc)
Diesel large (over 2000cc)
Hybrid petrol electric medium
Hybrid petrol electric large
Reset Calculate my fleet's carbon emissions
0Tonnes of CO2 per annum

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