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Meet the team

We boast many friendly faces throughout our dedicated workforce, from our accessible and driven directors, to our friendly and committed sales and internal support teams; the Activa team prides itself on its dedication to providing the best service within the industry. High levels of customer satisfaction and consumer retention are of the utmost importance to our organisation, and we strive to ensure our customers are 100% happy, time and time again.

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  • Ian Hill
  • Peter Smith
  • Lisa Temperton
  • Karen McCarthy

Senior management

  • Sue De Franco
  • Nick Judge
  • Sarah Bishop
  • Martin Hughes

Sales team

  • Richard Brown
  • Annabelle Hamilton
  • Steve Judge
  • Sally Lewis
  • Matthew Higgins
  • Anne Cunnell
  • Peter Renton

Commercial vehicles

  • Ben Green
  • Faye Taylor
  • Linda Hartnett


  • Robert Smout


  • Rosie Wells

Outsourcing and implementation

  • Sarah Geddes

Customer services

  • Caroline Dorrill
  • Julie Page
  • Anne Street
  • Julian Okoronkwo
  • John Woollard
  • Barbara Biegus
  • Laura Baird
  • Harriet Bowdidge
  • Charlotte Dyson

Daily rental

  • Rachael Sim


  • Joanna Davies
  • Barbara Cooper
  • Emma Saunders Fern

Business development

  • Josephine Smeraglia
  • Joanne Leeson
  • Julie Churcher


  • Sara Yasar
  • Andy Raven