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At Activa we like to keep our customers up to date with all the latest news regarding Contract Hire, Vehicle Leasing and Fleet Management for company vehicles throughout the UK.

Activa Contracts adds a cash or car calculator to its industry-leading ‘Tax Guide for Fleets’ app

smartphone with the activa app on the screen

Activa Contracts has enhanced its industry-leading ‘Tax Guide for Fleets’ app with a data-driven tax calculator. This allows users to calculate if a cash alternative offered by their employer will increase their tax bill.


Government’s air quality plan is under consultation

car exhaust and smoke

The government has released its plans to improve air quality in the UK, and central to this are new clean air zones (CAZs).

Their 86-page air quality plan identifies 36 towns and cities (excluding London) that will not be within the legal limit of NO2 by 2020, and therefore will be targeted to use CAZs as part of their clean air plan.


Fleets face big impact if government changes MOT rules

man checking car tyre

The government has proposed to extend the time that cars and vans require a first MOT from three to four years.


London to introduce Ultra Low Emission Zone in April 2019

london town from hot air baloon

London will be the first city in the world to adopt an Ultra Low Emission Zone (ULEZ). The change will come into effect from 8th April 2019.


New company car tax explained

company car tax calculation image

For many years, successive Governments have seen the taxation of company cars as not only a means of raising revenue, but as a way of changing the behaviour of employers and employees in the way that they select and operate vehicles.